Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. Implemented PTI816S and PTI818S ICT Testers

Started as a joint venture between Ayala Corporation and and Resins, Inc. Start with they were just a workforce of around 100 employees with total fixed assets of US$3,700,290 and it is engaged in the assembly of integrated circuits.

Then, develop a contract manufacturing with hard disk drive sub-assembly operations and, in the assembly of automotive. Ventured into custom printed circuit board assembly and operations. From an EMS company, they expanded its scope to include EMS and Power Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services. IMI is also into prototyping, manufacturing, product test development, testing and order fulfilment.

PTI is a high-tech company specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing in circuit testing equipment. PTI provides ICT inline tester, ICT needle bed, functional tester, test system integration (TSI), automated test and control system (ATE), and BGA test solutions.


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