The World's First Rotary Intelligent Storage Device

Smart Storage is the world's first rotary intelligent storage equipment, with high speed, flexibility, large capacity, error-proof, informative and cost-effective features. The system picks and places a tray of materials in an average of less than 3 seconds, it is currently the fastest intelligent electronic storage silo.

Intelligent Electronic Rotating Bin

  1. It is driven by servo motor layer by layer
  2. 360 degrees and two-way rotation
  3. In and out at the nearest store
  4. Easily meet the requirements of multi-work order at the same time
The modular design enable any bins to be added according to the actual requirements. Easy to handle with multiple bins can be grouped together into a silo. It ease the planning and deployment of the factory site to meet variable requirements.

Easy For Transportation

The bin is small in size, easy for transportation and smart in combination, and can be automatically accessed and intelligently sorted.

Flexible Combination

The system divides the material by customer group and material type with flexible grouping or division to meets the customized requirements. When the material structure changes, the storage location can be easily adjusted.

Automatic Binding Storing Address

Once the code is scanned, it can be stored into any empty slots while storage address will be automatically bound, to synchronize with WMS system. The system switch to next available slots and waiting for next materials to be stored.

It Transforms the Traditional Approach, and Now the Line Warehouse is also the Main Warehouse!

It is a highly flexible electronic warehouse with access control, factories can move the "warehouse" to the production line. Now, it is both the main warehouse and the line warehouse. Simplifying the feeding process with just-in-time supply.

Enclosed bin, Anti-Blocking and Error-Proof

During the process of taking and placing materials, the system will alarm and lock. It is an enclosed bin with access control, the material can only be retrieved through authentication.
With MES integration, it enables even the machine to retrieve materials both from the main warehouse and line warehouse.

Reduce Risk, Reduce Resources Wastage

With modular design, the impact on the production system can be reduced to the minimum when there is a failure. Enclosed bin design can avoid the risk of falling materials. Therefore, the waste of resources is avoided and the return on investment become higher.