PCB CAM Software

Vayo-CAM365 is a software that enables process engineers to work more efficiently with less pressure no matter for process issues review or stencil requirements preparation purpose. It supports the import of Gerber (RS-274-X, RS-274-D, Drill), PCB CAD (IPC-2581, ODB++) coordinate files and DXF data.

Process Review

Review process challenges

Aperture Creation

Fast requirements preparation

Revision Comparison

Figure out the differences

Multiple Data Source

Enhance capability
  • Automatic process validation to review process challenges
  • Innovative aperture creation to accelerate stencil requirements preparation
  • Optimized operation approaches, easier than other software


CAM365 is an advanced tool with functions to review process issues, compare different versions, create stencil apertures, etc. Its intelligence and innovative capabilities provide smarter operation and even more practical functions for SMT factories.


Optimized for SMT factory requirementsit is a value-added CAM tool for process engineers with operation optimization.


Intelligent/ automatic technology optimize operation comparing to traditional methods.


Innovative aperture creation accelerate stencil requirements preparation.

Support Multiple Data Source: Gerber, PCB CAD, Coordinate Files And DXF

CAM365 supports the import of Gerber (RS-274-X, RS-274-D, Drill), PCB CAD (IPC-2581, ODB++) coordinate files and DXF data.

Support Fast & Easy Layer Alignment (Gerber Source)

With CAM365, engineers are capable to adjust the layers of Gerber source by referring to the layer sequence recommended by the software in order to achieve the best display effect (the layer sequence of ODB++/IPC2581 has been automatically adjusted, manual adjustment is not required).

PCB Data Query

CAM365 supports fast query all the details of PCB, including pads, routing, distance, coordinates, component layout, etc. and it is very convenient.
  • Query pad size, pitch
  • Query trace with of PTH to thermal pad
  • Check if traces is led out from the narrow side of the pad
  • Check teardrops design
  • Check solder mask defined pad
  • Check distance of parts to board edge
  • Query PCB size
  • Query coordinates of part
  • Query distance between PTH & SMD parts
  • Visual check of parts layout

Convert PCB Process Issue Validation To An Automatic Approach

CAM365 increases the efficiency & minimizes efforts of process engineers, by making the process review automatically.
  • Automatic Identification
- Small pads (pad area <specific value)
- Via on pads
- Small pitch pads (<specific value)
- Pads close to exposed via (ODB++ / IPC2581)
- Minimum line width
- Minimum copper spacing
- Minimum solder mask bridge width (<specific value)
- Fine pitch parts (ODB++ / IPC2581)

  • Configurable Parameters
  • Automatic Locating

Automatic Process Issue Review

By switching from manual inspection to intelligent automation review, CAM365 allows engineers to identify process issues with less efforts.

Fast Stencil
Aperture Creation

Vayo-CAM365 comes with 10 practical stencil aperture opening templates, this enable users to design the stencil aperture opening various devices.

Revision Comparison:
Compare Any Layers

CAM365 supports layer alignment and sequence adjustment from Gerber source. It also supports Gerber and Gerber comparison, CAD and CAD comparison, Gerber and CAD comparison, as well as layer comparison with minor revision. Besides, it generates reports for the comparison.

Automatic Measurement

CAM365 pad spacing measurement, and pad size measurement.

Support User Coordinate System

CAM365 supports placement coordinate query.

Gerber/ DXF Output

CAM365 supports export of any selected layer to Gerber, as well as conversion of ODB++/IPC-2581 data into Gerber; it also supports generating DXF data with transparent view (not require to mirror), which eases the wave template preparation.

Part Location Query

Once the placement coordinate file is imported together with Gerber data, it enable parts location query. In addition, CAM365 supports file saving function, which is practical for reviewing the data through reopening the saved files.

CAM 365: Value-added CAM Tool For SMT Factories

  • For PE: Process review & stencil requirements preparation
  • For SMT programmer: Coordinates query
  • For IPCQ: First article inspection
  • For debug technician: Part location query
  • For Wave soldering engineer: Pallet design