VayoPro Stencil Designer

Stencil Designer is an innovative and intelligent software solution that enable users to achieve stencil design automation. Apart from enabling EMS or OEM to build their own stencil design capability, it also enables EMS/OEM minimizing the manual operation effort. Most importantly, it enables the industry to optimize the stencil quality and make continuous improvement.

Rapid Aperture Library Build Up

Stencil Designer enables user to build aperture library rapidly from existing stencil data, which reduce cycle time through the software automated stencil data learning.

Flexible Aperture Pattern Design

Stencil Designer comes with flexible aperture pattern design function, it covers plenty of pattern and allow users to configure parameters easily. It also supports DXF graphic import/export for aperture design.

Automatic Aperture Generation

Stencil Designer can import PCB CAD data such as Altium/Cadence/PowerPCB/ODB++/IPC-2581, and generate stencil aperture for each footprint according to the central aperture library automatically. It enables users to accomplish complex stencil design in short time.

Thermal Pad, Common Pad & Test Point Pad Design

Due to complexity of special pads such as thermal pad & common pad, it is time consuming for stencil aperture design task. Stencil designer enable users to generate those aperture easily in short time.

Automatic Holes Avoidance

Stencil Designer comes with the automatic voids function for holes, which enable users to accomplish the fine-tuning quickly.

  • Ignore fill holes
  • Ignore special package file BGA
  • Support automatic voids for selected area
  • Enable/ disable solder mask holes

Automatic Step Generation

Stencil Designer enables users to design step aperture automatically. It recommends thickness and identify step area, then generate aperture based on the configured rules.
  • Automatic stencil thickness recommendation
  • Automatic identify area and generate step
  • Configurable precise design rules
  • Simple and effective

Automatic Validation With Comprehensive Rules

Stencil Designer comes with comprehensive checks functions. It validates all designs prior output to ensure optimum design quality.


1 Aperture area ratio 15 No fiducial
2 Aperture aspect ratio 16 Fiducial quantity
3 Aperture spacing 17 Hole in aperture
4 Aperture to exposed copper 18 Aperture on gold finger
5 Aperture to gold finger 19 Coverage for thermal pad
6 Aperture to hole  20 Step-down clearance inside
7 Aperture to fill hole 21 Step-down clearance outside
8 Aperture to no solder pad 22 Step-up clearance inside
9 Aperture out of PCB outline 23 Step-up clearance outside
10 Aperture to PCB outline 24 Step thickness
11 Aperture overlap 25 Step spacing
12 Multi-pad share one aperture 26 Test point missing aperture
13 Extra aperture 27 Report paste volume of board
14 Missing aperture 30+ ...

Intelligent Panelization

Stencil Designer can import panel drawing data and generate panel automatically. It reduce the cycle time in stencil panel design.

Stencil Comparison & Report

Stencil Designer can compare the difference of output with existing aperture library. It also compare the difference between two stencils, which enables users to manage the revision change well.

Cooling Plate Stencil Design

Stencil Designer provides a powerful function on cooling plate stencil aperture design. Design can be accomplished within short time.

Stencil Design Output

Stencil Designer can generate stencil document based on the template.
  • Standard industry document output
  • Different drawing for etching/ cutting/ engraving process
  • No need to communicate stencil design needs with stencil house