VayoPro Gerber Expert

VayoPro-Gerber Expert is an essential tool for gerber data processing to electronics manufacturing. It supports varies gerber formats data source and load drill & D-code files quickly, convert pads & package in batch, instantly assign part name; and then output standard XY data(part infos), CAD data and Vayo job files (seamless connection for other Vayopro NPI software). In general, this easy tool shall assist equipment programming(placement, testing & inspection), document preparation and DFM/DFT analysis.

Support All Gerber Data Source

VayoPro-Gerber Expert supports all gerber format source (RS-274-D or RS274-X) and drills files as the input data source.

Gerber Graphic View

After having loaded the gerber file, user can view the details of the PCB layers. It is an effective tool for user to validate Gerber data source.

Nets Connection Recovery

If the data is converted for test engineering analysis, the software can generate nets connection automatically.

Output Data

Users able to output standard centroid coordinates, GenCAD, FATF, PDW, Gerber5 Samsung SSA, Seica formats. Alternatively, user can also generate a Vayopro job file.

Seamless Connection With VayoPro Software

Users can generate a job file for other VayoPro software. This ease the jobs on performing placement programming, generating work instruction, performing DFM analysis, performing DFT analysis & output tester program.