iTAC Advanced Planning & Scheduling System (APS) - GANTTPLAN

The iTAC Advanced Planning & Scheduling System (APS)-GANTTPLAN product family gives every manufacturing company the ability to select the right feature set for introducing automatic production planning and optimization. Whether as a cost-effective entry-level solution or as a high-end version for complex production structures, the modular design offers maximum scalability. GANTTPLAN technology spearheads new trends in the APS market, and is constantly updated to meet evolving customer and industry specific requirements. This is the basis for a tailor-made solution for the efficient, transparent and secure implementation of various planning processes.

Simultaneous Multi-Resource Planning

Resource Planning

o Parallel assignment
o Campaign planning
o Sequence definition

Personnel Planning

o Qualifications at machine and operation level
o Team planning based on varied qualifications
o Multiple resource assignment

Tooling and Fixture Planning

o Maintenance planning
o Die-tool degradation
o Set-up optimization
o Tool combinations

Material Requirements Planning

o Material availability check APS2
o Flexible order network planning
at every level of production
o Flexible material reservation Batch size optimization

Auto Planning With 7 Cost Optimization Criteria

Optimize Setup Time/ Costs

Avoid frequent/ expensive changeover by assigning similar orders into batches

Optimize Worker Costs

Schedule worker resource based on level of skills

Optimize Production Costs

Prefer to assign orders on resources with lower operation costs

Optimize Throughput Time

Prefer to assign orders to WorkCenters with higher speed

Optimize WIP

Allocate orders per process capability and reduce waiting times between steps

Optimize On-Time Deliveries

Schedule all orders to be completed on or before the due date

Optimize Utilization

Schedule orders to utilize all resources as much as possible

The Intelligent Planning Tool For Industry 4.0

GANTTPLAN brings predictability to the digital factory. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system enables manufacturing companies in a variety of industries, to achieve a smooth order flow with shorter lead times and ongoing cost optimization. It can operate as standalone software or interfaced with different ERP and MES solutions.

Set-up Optimization

GANTTPLAN calculates and optimizes set-up times from three perspectives:  

Static set-up time is the time to change-over to a new job, and includes equipment wash-down, preparation and routine maintenance. Depending on the previous job, the planning system will select the next task in order to reduce the number of change-overs.  

The dynamic set-up time refers to material properties, such as type of material, color, and geometry (thickness, diameter) and is dynamic depending on the preceding and subsequent order. The dynamic times are mapped in a setup matrix.  

Production resources and tooling (PRT) set-up times are stored directly in the production resource itself. GANTTPLAN compares the production resources/tools of the previous order with the production resources/tools of the follow-up order and, based on this, calculates the actual required changeover time.