PTI-816S is a stable and hi-speed In-circuit tester. It provides high efficiency /full debugging and high test coverage solution.


  • USB+FT232H+FBGA communication module. High-speed data transmission and high-speed signal processing;
  • Support Multi-boards barcode scan. Store test data. network management system;
  • Test software can be customized according to customer requirements, remote assistance to upgrade;
  • Test efficiency faster than the original PTI816 about 20%;
  • More advanced HP TESTJET, testable micro IC and micro connectors;
  • High voltage detection and discharge function to ensure the safety of the machine and test stability;
  • Supported generate multiple boards and supports up to eight combinations of boards direction even order;
  • Auto generated test coverage report. Can be exported office reports;
  • Supported windows XP operating systems above and Multi-language operating system, Automatic identify screen resolution;
  • Safety design :photoelectric sensors, emergency button etc. Such as multiple security design, which ensure safety of operating personnel;


Powerful reporting function, support factory production management system, The reporting function helps to improve product quality and data traceability.

Board view function, user can easily view the failed components, probe location.

Software is capable to auto generate test coverage report. The reports can be export into EXCEL files.

Flexible Multi-boards

User-friendly Interface, Easy Operation

• Support Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 operating system
• Multi-page design, quick operation and click
• Support multiple language
• Multi-user login, user management
• Support barcode identification

Powerful Editing Interface

• Automated learning process, include open/short circuit IC learning
• Complete at least 95% automatic debug
• Board view components either in series connection or parallel connection, enable easy debugging.
• Graphic display for debugging
• User debuging help & support

Hardware Characteristic

  1. USB+FT232H+FBGA communication module. High-speed data transmission and High-speed signal processing.
  2. Proven hardware design, powerful design team.
  3. High-quality raw materials to ensure the stability and durability.
  4. High voltage detection and discharge function to ensure the safety of the machine and test stability.
  5. Muti-safty protection :photoelectric sensors/ emergency button to ensure operator safety.
  6. The highly integrated, reducing the factors of mechanical failure.

Advance Technology

TESTJET Technology

Abundant source and sensitive induction Catch up Open of the Mini BGA and Chip connector.

Four-Wire Test Method

Multiple four-wire testing especially for low-resistance /low-capacitors/ inductance with higher precision.

High Voltage Detection, Electrical Storage Components Discharge Method

High voltage detection on electricity storage components to prevent damage on test equipment, the release of discharge voltage and high current of electricity storage components to ensure the safety, stability and accuracy of measurement.

Supported Information Database And On-site Monitoring System

Saving the test data to database, this improves product quality with traceability. PTI can monitor machine inspection test parameters and provides assistance through remote fault diagnosis.

System Specification

  • Test pin point: standard:256 point, max: 768point
  • Big mainframe: can expand to 2048 point
  • Operation system: XP /WIN7 /WIN8 /WIN10
  • Power SPEC: AC100V-120V /200V-240V / 50HZ-60HZ/ 350W (single phase)
  • Testing mode: Air press manual jig inline
  • Test item : maximum:100,000,steps
  • Test time: open/short circuit test:1000 point ≤1s
  • Component: 0.5ms—30ms
  • Test range and conventional precision:
    • R:CC
    • L:A
    • CV
    • Phase
    • Phase
    • C:A
    • DC
    • Phase
  • DC current: (1uA—-1A)(0.5%—5%)
  • DC voltage: (0—100v)(0.5%—3%)
  • (Diode / transistor test) ( 16 groups of general GPIO)
  • PCB size : SizeA:380mm(W)×310mm(D)×1000mm(H)
  • SizeB:450mm(W)×330mm(D)××1000mm(H)
  • SizeB:480mm(W)×330mm(D)××1000mm(H)
  • Optional:Custom client
  • PC: Intel i3 and better series CPU/2G RAM/500G HDD.
  • Optional:Laptop / Industrial Computers
  • Priner: 76mm page / support
  • Printer: Parallel and USB Port Mode
  • Pneumatic : cylinder bore100mm,cylinder stroke 200,maximum pressure:470kg/6Bar
  • Cylinder bore 125mm,cylinder stroke 160,maximum pressure:735kg/6Bar
  • Optional:Custom client
    Air pressure: 4-6kg/cm2,:4Liter/Cycle
  • Environment: temperature:0℃-40℃,Operating humidity:20%-80%.
  • Optional function: Printer/TESTJET module/Automatic stamp module etc.