SMT Technologies Malaysia implemented Vayopro DFM Expert, Vayopro Test Expert, VayoPro Gerber Expert and VayoPro View Expert

SMTT's manufacturing facility, established since 1993, is located in Kedah, Malaysia. They are focused on delivering best in class electronics manufacturing, engineering services, product development, supply chain solutions to OEMs in the industrial, consumer electronics sector, medical devices, lighting, HVAC, computing, medical devices, lighting and mobile communications.

Besides SMTT's manufacturing facility in Kedah Malaysia, SMT Industries (SMTI) incorporated in 2006 Prachinburi Thailand was set up as part of the group's expansion to better serve customers worldwide. SMTI provides EMS services to customers in the computer peripherals, telecommunications, consumer electronics and automotive sectors.

VayoPro-DFM Expert is an intelligent analysis software for new product introduction in electronics manufacturing. The software utilizes PCB design and BOM data, interacts with parts library, comply with industry standard of design & manufacturing, simulate/analyze defects prior to manufacturing, ensures manufacturing & design standard are matching and also generates DFM reports for collaboration between manufacturing and design departments. The software reduces design & manufacturing cycle time, leverages manufacturing quality and reduces manufacturing cost.

VayoPro-Test Expert is an essential NPI tool for electronics manufacturing. It utilizes design information (CAD & BOM), integrates test engineering requirements, performs DFT/Testability analysis, and generates optimized ICT/FP/AOI/X-ray test program/fixture data. The software enhances DFT/testability analysis capability, improve programming cycle time and reduce inline program debugging time.

VayoPro-Gerber Expert is an essential tool for gerber data processing to electronics manufacturing. It supports varies gerber formats data source and load drill & D-code files quickly, convert pads & package in batch, instantly assign part name; and then output standard XY data(part infos), CAD data and Vayo job files (seamless connection for other Vayopro NPI software). In general, this easy tool shall assist equipment programming(placement, testing & inspection), document preparation and DFM/DFT analysis.

VayoPro-View Expert is an essential tool for department in electronics manufacturing such as QA/TEST/PE/IE/SMT/SQE. The software offers direct view to PCB layout of electronics products, and eases query task for part/pin/net/nail. Furthermore, the software also enables schematic interactive query.

Vayo is a highly innovative software technology enterprise, dedicated in offering digital collaboration system & advanced NPI/CIMS software solutions to electronics companies from design to manufacturing stage.

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